Timber sash windows are a beautiful addition to any property, adding character to your home with their traditional-looking features. However, understanding when it’s time to replace your sash windows ensures your property’s glazing remains as functional as possible.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider updating your sash windows.

Sash window replacements - Guide to upgrading your timber windowsYou want energy efficient windows

Old fittings and glazing aren’t the most energy-efficient, so you’ll know it’s time to replace your windows if you can feel a draught coming in or your rooms lose their heat quickly. It makes it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature during the colder months, increasing the price of your energy bills. Modern sash windows are highly energy efficient, from their thermally insulating frames to double glazing, keeping the warmth inside. If you don’t want to fully replace the sashes, you could opt for draught-proofing solutions, which stop rattling and provide improved thermal and sound insulation.

Your windows are looking tired

Older sash windows sometimes require a lot of upkeep, so it can be a hassle to maintain them. If your windows are looking like they need some love, consider replacing them with high-quality timber sashes. Replacing old fittings is one of the best ways to uplift your interiors and give your exteriors some added kerb appeal too. The designs are sympathetically created so that they respect the heritage of the window style and maintain the original charm of the sash windows.

The sashes are sticking

Old sash windows are renowned for sticking, so it’s hard to open and close them. This makes it difficult to control the height of the sashes, which should be used to help you manage ventilation and airflow throughout your rooms. It can also cause problems when it comes to securing the windows properly. Sash window upgrades have been designed to overcome the issues of old fittings, including smooth opening and closing mechanisms, which leave the sashes feeling lighter in weight and easy to control.

You want a quieter home

If your windows aren’t blocking out external noise as you want them to, it could be time for an upgrade. Modern fittings with double or triple glazing can drastically improve the sound insulation of your windows, but you could also opt for specialist glass such as toughened or acoustic glazing. Draught proofing additions could also be an option if you’re happy with your current sashes. For those in conservation areas or listed buildings bound to keep their single glazing, consider secondary glazing. This independent unit is fitted internally, helping with noise reduction.

Looking for sash window upgrades?

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