When installing traditional products in your property, one of the biggest challenges is to ensure the results are authentic as possible. While sash windows are often associated with a heritage look, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve modern functionality while still producing genuine-looking aesthetics which meet any planning approvals required.

Whether you’re replacing old sash windows in a period property or installing new ones to add some character to a modern home, there are lots of ways to ensure you create authentic sash window features. Here are just some of them.

Sash window designs - how to create authentic sash window features

1.      Choose the right material

There are many companies offering sash window services, but always check which materials they use. Some will only supply timber alternatives which emulate the look of wooden windows, whether it’s through woodgrain foils or a uPVC composite material.

If you truly want your sash windows to look like originals, the best option is to choose timber windows. As long as the wood is high in quality, the maintenance requirements should be minimal.

2.      Check which features are included

A good guide to sash windows will always talk about some of the features you could consider with new sash window designs, but it’s useful to understand the details which define a heritage look. This includes slimline mullions which run vertically between different window sets, so keep this in mind if you’re replacing a row of adjoining sash windows. You should also look out for ‘run through sash horns’ which help to control how far the window is opened, strengthen the joints and add an attractive feature.

3.      Enhance the design with mechanical joints

While you’ll often see both welded and mechanical joints mentioned when choosing sash window designs, the latter is a feature which offers the most authenticity. This traditional joinery technique oozes history while providing a durable option with tonnes of aesthetical appeal.

4.      Pick traditional furniture

The overall look of your sash windows and whether they meet original design approval will also depend on the furniture you choose. This includes handles, stays, cords, pulleys and sash weights. Not only can you pick traditional styles which fit in perfectly with the rest of the window and its casement, but you could also think carefully about the colour and finish of each feature too.

5.      Use a sash window specialist

While it can feel like a daunting prospect when you want to install or replace traditional windows, one of the best things to do is get a specialist on board with your project. While many window companies offer sash window collections, by choosing a supplier with expertise in these designs, you can ensure you find the most authentic-looking timber windows.

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